Dec 27, 2010

Air Plants Galore!

Some of you may know my love (obsession) for plants. And some of you may know that one of my favorite plants is this baby:

It's a Tillandsia air plant! I've had this one for about six months or so ... possibly. Something like that. Anyway, what's so cool about these plants is that they don't live in the dirt! They get most of their moisture and nutrients right through the air (!).
(Btw, this plant is getting ready to flower! I can tell because the center has been growing taller and wobbly, and I can tell it's forming a bud!)
All I have to do to care for it, is run it under water once or twice a week. I often forget, but it doesn't really care. It's not picky at all! The only other thing it needs is a little bit of sun. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So anyway, this Christmas I was SUPER excited when I opened a box and found, not one, but FIVE new air plants!!! :D
I'll show 'em to you.

This one looks more purple in person, which I think is really cool. :)

This one is cute! It's smaller and curlier, and its actually kinda grey colored, with a little green at the base.

I'm very excited about this next one. Because it's flowering!!
Isn't it pretty? And for those of you who are curious, no the flower doesn't smell like anything. But it makes up for that with coolness. :)

I think this one is probably my favorite. Just because it's so unlike any of the others I have! And you all know how much I love different. Plus it's the smallest. And I love little things.

 And this is the last one, and the biggest. It really reminds me of Florida, and palm trees and spiky bushes and good stuff like that. :)

I noticed something very interesting about that last one. When I looked really close, I found what looks like baby air plants! (Btw, I found out that baby air plants are called pups! :)
Super macro shot:
 I'm not really sure if they are pups, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye on them! I took two off (pictured below), but I left one of them on, seeing as it might do better living on its mother plant. I'm so excited to see if they are pups and if they grow or not! :)

 Just to show how small they are:

 Oh, and of course, I had to find a super pretty display for all my new treasures! Here tis:

Closer up:

I really don't know a lot about air plants, but I'm very interested in them. I think I may do a report on them for school ... that's one advantage to being homeschooled, sometimes you get to pick what you want to study! :)
If I find out anything super cool, I'll try to write about it here. And I will probably keep you posted on the pups, and on my old plant's coming flower.

So, what was your favorite Christmas present?

P.S. Click here to visit the shop where Mom bought these. The lady who runs the shop is super nice and easy to work with. And all my plants are so healthy and beautiful! I think her prices are very reasonable too.  Maybe you should get a plant or two? :)


  1. Those are so awesome! Your display looks really pretty!

  2. You have a beautiful assortment. They're very thoughtful gifts. Where do you keep yours? :)

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks so much for commenting! I don't get a lot of comments, so it's really fun getting some from people I don't even know personally! ;)

    Van: I keep them in my room along with my other plants. They are sitting on a special shelf by my window. :)

  4. I really enjoyed your pictures of your air plant collection. You have displayed them with such artistry. I am also very proud of the lady from whom you purchased your plants as she is my daughter.

  5. I knew you always wanted a puppy! And now you have three! What are their names?

  6. Thank you Judy! I appreciate your comment very much. And I agree, your daughter is a very special lady. :)

    Three and a half bloggers: I have no idea. :) I guess I better get with it, huh?

  7. YES!! I'm waiting.
    Pup 1, Pup 2, and Pup 3 just isn't working for me.
    I like Penelope.

  8. Have you ever considered that "Air plants" seems to be a paradox? I mean, all plants (at least those previously known to me) need dirt. Perhaps after being asleep all these years I'm finally waking up. Good morning all! What else do I need to learn?

  9. That's cool.. I've been wanting to buy some air plants.. but I didn't know what its name is so I ended up with forgetting to buy it.. Thanks to you so I can start doing some researches about this plant.. ^^ hey would you mind to follow my blog back anyway ?? :) thanks


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