Dec 25, 2010

The String Thing

One of our family Christmas traditions is called The String Thing. I know, catchy name, right?
Every Christmas morning (except that one Christmas when "Santa" got out of bed too late ...), the kids wake up to find that a giant spider has invaded the house!!
OK, so not really. But there's yarn strung everywhere, and it does look kinda like a giant spider web ... kinda.

Yarn is wrapped around everything.
Piano leg:

Da poochie kept tripping over the yarn, and she kinda got stuck a couple times... we actually had to rescue her on occasion. :)

So what happens now, you might wonder.
We get one end of the yarn and wrap it into a ball as we follow the yarn, of course!

And at the end of the yarn, a family gift awaits. :)

But it's not *quite* as easy as that. Dad, the official yarn wrapper, ALWAYS adds a twist.
So this year, we were coming up to the freezer. The yarn went in, but didn't come out ... or so it appeared.
Just then Dad said, "Well sorry, but this year it's a little lame. I didn't have enough time to do better." Or something to that effect.
Yeah right.
So we opened the freezer, and yup, the yarn went out through a concealed exit. And then it went around the basement, all concealed behind rugs and stuff. And THEN. The yarn went through a tiny hole, which happened to lead upstairs into the garage. Uh-huh.
Now if we had followed the proper String Thing rules, we would have had to unroll the ENTIRE ball of yarn, pull it through the tiny hole and roll it up again.
But Dad had mercy.
He told us just to go to the garage and follow the string from there.
And we found our gift. Yay! We each got a bag of candy. To ourselves. Mmmmm. :)

Oh, and that might have been the end of this blog post, but just as I was writing that, it struck me how it's a little like the Christmas story.
How the Magi had to follow the star.
 And how at the end they found such a precious gift.

I hope you all have had an amazingly wonderful Christmas!
Btw, let me know if you have any crazy or fun family traditions! Please?

Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. Ah. Ya'll have to suffer through the String Thing too? Here it always leads to our stockings. We can see the end in sight, but we always end up crawling on all fours around and under and almost diving over the table in the school room, pinching our fingers in the railing, and frost-biting (?) our toes in the garage or *gulp* outside. Oof. And all the while, our stockings hang, placidly over-filled and turning to warm themselves contentedly over the fire.

  2. Hmmm ... that seems interesting. Why would you have to do the string thing if you already knew WHAT the present was, and WHERE the present is? Maybe you should suggest your parents hide the stockings at the end, in a HIDDEN place. Eh? :)


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