Dec 29, 2010


I pretty much always Photoshop all the pictures I post here. Some people don't really understand what Photoshop can do, so I thought I'd show you.
You might be wondering why I would Photoshop a regular picture. You may understand why I would Photoshop a photo of, say, a person. After all, Photoshop can remove pimples, whiten teeth, fix stray hairs etc. 
Or a dark photo. You can really brighten it up in Photoshop.
But what about a picture of trees that looks good already? Can it be improved?
See for yourself.
This is a picture straight off the camera. It's pretty. But wait til you scroll down and see the Photoshopped version!


This is the same picture, but with a little tweaking, the colors just pop! And comparing the two, I think the first one seems really flat.

You learn something every day. ;)


  1. Whoo! Amazing. So when I'm a senior, can I send all my photos to you before I print the invitations? Please?!

  2. Ummmm ... weeell.
    I suppose I could do a *couple* pictures. It might be arranged. :)


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