Dec 18, 2010

The Tale of the Tiny Christmas Tree

You know Christmas is sneaking up on you when it's in one week and you don't have a Christmas tree!
Fortunately we have one now, but we didn't three days ago! o_O

 So we were driving up to Lowes to buy a tree on Thursday night. Laughingly I asked if anyone thought Lowes would be sold out of trees.
Little did I know ...
We walked into the tree section. And. There were TWO. Christmas. Trees. Left. They were OK ... from the waist up. But below that? The branches were bare. The needles departed. *Grin*
So we turned to the tiny tree section. Tiny, as in not even shoulder high on me. Mmmm-hmmmmm ...
It was so pitiful and ridiculous and hilarious! I just started laughing, as my bro picked up the tree with one [ONE] hand and ran [RAN] out to the van. Hehe!
This thing strikes me as quite hilarious. I mean, just look at the pitiful, adorable thing! That's me (and Elssa) standing next to it, and it makes me look like a giant. :) And yes, I'm standing RIGHT next to it, not closer to the camera. :)

Merry Week Before Christmas everyone!!


  1. Oooh, it's almost sad-ish, but it's an adorable little tree, and it's not its fault that its so small! Besides, it amused some peoples today! I like that! Pooowa wittle singy! Tell it hi from me. Did you find the pickle?

  2. Aaaaaaand...I love the haircut! Adorkable, to be sure!


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