Jan 28, 2011

Random random random

Today's post is very random. I suggest you brace yourselves.

First we have Mr. Snowman and his friend, Deek the chickadee.
Mr. Snowman likes feeding the birds, in case you couldn't tell.

Next random subject:

Today, I noticed that I had spilled a teeny drop of honey on a notebook sitting next to me.

The honey formed a perfect little sphere. Then I poked it with my gargantuan (in comparison) finger. The honey stretched out and formed a little peak that curled, much like the Dairy Queen signature on their ice cream cones.
But after about one second it melted into it's perfect shape again.

Yes, I really do notice little things like this. And yes, they really do mesmerize and fascinate me. Problem?


Next, we have another two dollar bill story. (These things pretty much never come without a story, ya know)
I went to the bank and requested a few today. Being a bank, they really weren't that surprised about it or anything, but there was one cool thing.
The lady who was getting money for me asked if any of her coworkers had any extra twos she could give me. One lady did.
"I've been saving these in my drawer for about a year," she said. "Their numbers are only one different ... they were made at the same time."

See below: one says "49" at the end and the next one is "50"

"Oh," my mom said, "and you're giving them to us?"
"I don't care," the lady said. "I didn't know what I was saving them for. I guess I just wanted them to stay together."
Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, counting with twos confuses even bank people.
"Here's two tens, that's twenty, *lays down a two* that's three *looks confused* *Hurriedly lays down the other two and a one* uh, and five."


And what is better than some big brown poochie eyes to end with? :)



  1. she saved the bills just for you! aw. that's kind of an adorable story, just that she "wanted them to stay together"
    ha ha

  2. Awwwe! Dats so cute! Lovely servant snowman. He's so personable.


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