Jan 18, 2011

Color. Texture. Light. Shadow.

Having a sister who's a wedding photographer sure has it's perks! 
For example, I get to use her professional photography equipment! I just adore it! I'm so spoiled. I can't stand taking point and shoot photos anymore. ;)
Here's a pic I took of a pineapple today. 
I just love the color, light, texture. 
Did you ever notice that a pineapple has so many colors in it?
Purple, lime green, dark green, gold, yellow, orange, cream, rust. 

*Happy sigh* I do so love color.


  1. Ahhhh. That is so refreshing. It was as if my soul had been washed in a pineapple-water bath. It's true, I prefer a thousand words, but I'll be the first to admit (ok, maybe not always the first) that pictures have earned their place, aided, of course, by our friend Inna.

  2. I am colorblind, so I am sure I can not fully appreciate it, but it is still amazing. Colors are great.



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