Jan 6, 2011

Epic Blue Poem

One of my good friends is doing PSEO at a college near us, and needed a place to stay three days a week. So can you guess? Yup! She's going to be staying with us!! :-D I'm so excited! 

Today we have been working on painting the guest room for her, and I wanted to give her a hint as to what color it is going to be. But I didn't want to give it away. So what did I do? I wrote her a poem of course! Duh. 
Here's what I sent to her:
We're painting your room today! I'll give you a hint: it's in the blue range.

But is it baby blue?
Navy blue?
Neon blue,
or gravy blue?
Heliotrope? Aqua? Powder or teal?
Dark like a storm,
soft like a seal?
Purple-ish, gray-ish?
Or just plain ish-ish?
Electric, or ugly, greenish trout?
Manly or feminine, sauerkraut?
Possibly boring, possibly bright.
Dark and brooding, gloomy as night?
Blue like jazz, or blue like ice?
Does Santa think it naughty or nice?
Dull and depressing? Or amusing?
Glamorous, beautiful or confusing?
Jell-O? Blue cheese? Huckleberry?
And let's not forget Madame Blueberry!
Shiny? Satin, glossy or flat?
Eggshell finish, or possibly matte?
You'll find out someday!
Possibly on Monday!

Who knew there were so many kinds of blue??
Btw, when you put the two of us girls together, you automatically get crazy projects. So beware! De bloggola may or may not be swamped with them. :)


  1. Aah ha ha! :) You have piqued my curiosity! :)

  2. Yes! Mission accomplished. :)

  3. You have sparked my amusement. I am highly entertained.

    The blogging world will never know what hit it when you two join forces. I am eager with anticipation. A.K.A. The keyboard is slimy with discusting drool and my parents are trying to pry me away from the computer. Also, I am infinitely jealous that while the two of you plot posts with weekly sleepovers, I pine in the back woods of Random Falls waiting to even MEET the much-talked-of fabulously-sarcastic Zil. A girl after me own heart? No doubt. I am perfectly confident that you speak my native tongue--flawlessly.

    Ahh, well. I betake meself to me lonesome abode.

    Goodnight, fine friends.

  4. *Laugh* You, dearest Storyfingers, are ridiculous. And I love you for it. :D

    Oh, and you seem to forget that Zil has not met *you* either; the much talked of, fabulously sarcastic Storyfingers! Dun-duh-DUNNNN!!

  5. Wow! I need to meet this person! She has a *Mwavelous* Vocabulary! :)

  6. You two would hit it of splendidly, to borrow the colloquialism. And the three of us together? Poifect!
    I can't even *imagine* what extreme happenstances would occur upon your meeting.

    See? I have a good vocabulary too! :)

  7. We must be soul sisters. The Three...Three...Ah...musketeers doesn't sound quite right. What be the title of one who practices sarcasm as a refined art?

  8. I can't believe I'm actually related to one of you three:)The way I see it is that whatever woman do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult.

    BTW: I think "The Three Stooges" would fit perfect:)

  9. *Snicker* Karl, that "BTW" is disturbingly fitting. ;)

  10. Yay! I'm a stooge! Wheeeeee! *Jumps up and down with uncontainable delight and glee!* *Waves arms wildly* Yay! Stooges! Yeah! Woohoooooo!

    Stops...*innocently* What's a stooge?


  11. I'm thinking...Curly? Or Moe? Lol.

    -Noun: And entertainer who feeds lines to the main comedian and usually serves as the butt of his or her jokes.
    -Verb: To act as a stooge.
    ...Yep, that'll work:)


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