Jan 2, 2011

New Year!!

Happy 2011 everyone! Do you have any goals or dreams for the new year?
I'm not really into the whole resolution thing, but I do have a few general things I'd like to accomplish.
I hope to make the new year more fun, productive, educational and adventurous than 2010. I hope to spend less time on the computer, less time sleeping :) etc. and more time doing things. Some examples: I want to go outside almost every day, I want to work harder in school, get up earlier and I want to be crazier and randomer than ever! (Scary thought. :)
I think I'm off to a pretty good start! Yesterday I went outside and played in the as-tall-as-me snow piles, came in and did some art, worked on making the most epic garbage can you ever did see (if I ever finish it I'll post pics :), AND our family randomly decided to go out to a movie ... that started at 9:30! Those of you who know us are probably impressed, cuz 10:00 is usually my dad's bed time, and the movie didn't get out until 11:30! It was so much fun having the whole family be spontaneous like that!

Anywho, here's a pic of the art I did yesterday:

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the idea, I found it in an art book. :)
It's super fun and easy though!
DIY: Just blob some colors of acrylic paint in a line on the bottom of your page. Then take a piece of cardboard and drag it through the paint, upwards. Don't worry if the colors mix or anything. Then take smaller pieces of cardboard and drag them through the top to make different heights and widths. Let dry. Dip the cardboard into black and drag some shadows. Drag black over some of the buildings too.
 And once that dries you can add the details with a pen!
Close up of details:

I'm off to go cross country skiing with my dad. I think I only tried it once, when I was little. So I'm gonna give it another go! It will be part of my "go outside almost every day" thing, PLUS it will be trying something relatively new. :)
Happy New Year!


  1. Yay!
    So...today I wasn't exactly outside, but I would have! I did go to my first movie in 3D, and learned what it's like to spill the gallon bucket of popcorn that they guy next to you bought all over said guy's feet.

  2. At first I was like, "*Gasp!* Someone new commented!" and then I was like, "Oh, it's only you, signed in with a different account."
    ... JK ;) I always love your comments. XD
    You should make a list of all the new things you try in 2011. I've already started! Be sure to put down the 3D movie!
    Oh, and I love your popcorn story. :)

  3. Yeah, I know. Everybody loves the popcorn story. But me!

  4. I like the going outside everyday resolution. Do things like going out to get in the car count or do they have to be intential "play" outside times? And I am so proud of you for trying to get up earlier. What time is that...like 9:45? (hehe, jk). Good resolutions!

  5. Hey you commented! Yay! :)
    And yeah, it has to be an intentional "I'm going outside" thing. I have to actually DO something outside. Not just walk out and back in again. :)
    Oh, and you would be *so* impressed with me. I got up at like 7:45 yesterday AND today. Chyeah. Pretty amazing, right?


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