Sep 1, 2013

Farewell, August

It was one of those cool August nights when you wrap up in goose-down blankets and sit in the hammock, your heart crying out and raging confusion into the darkness. And then you sense a comforting whisper, and something catches your eye above in the blackness: a slow and swollen glowing satellite. You know from its size that you've seen it before. It's the International Space Station. And suddenly you feel calm in your wonder – there are people up there. Among the stars. Your senses begin to awaken and all at once the nighttime air is a miracle. The smell, mysterious. Your mind begins snatching at every subtle tremor of the air as if naming ingredients, capturing them in a word: a poem. 



//If you're interested in seeing the ISS for yourself, look up your location here to learn when to look out for it.//


  1. Dear Inna,
    Did you know that your posts are a lot of fun to read? You seem to be a very creative and insightful young lady, who has an amazing ability to use language in a wonderful way.
    Keep blogging - it is so refreshing.


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