Sep 22, 2013

Dragonfruit: Color Explosion

After our adventures with Rambutan, my Mom decided to give another tropical fruit a try. This time she got one she'd never had before either: dragonfruit! 

Talk about a color explosion! 

Opening a new kind of fruit for the first time is one of those happy little thrills. You never know what could be inside! 

Don't those spines look ... dragony?? 

You can eat the inside seeds and all, like a kiwi. It definitely has that kiwi texture, but hardly any flavor at all. It was very very subtly sweet and fresh, but only if you concentrated really hard on your taste buds. :)
But just look at those colors and textures! Totally worth getting at least once, if only to enjoy the visual work of art. 
The black and white pattern with those shocking bright colors? 

Have you tried any exciting food lately?


  1. Dragonfruit. I have tried dragonfruit. I can't imagine what the fellow was on when it was named, but I'm rather glad he was. I remember comparing it to kiwi also. What've I had good lately? I made a new dish, but it was common ingredients, so it counts halfway.

    There's magic in newness and color. "It is ordinary to love the beautiful, but it is beautiful to love the ordinary." - Unknown. (So many unknown people have magnificent souls.)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the bright pink - I think it stands out all the more with that pretty blue background!

  3. I had never heard of a dragonfruit, but how pretty! So colorful on the outside and only black and white inside, I like it.


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