Aug 21, 2013

Dissecting Watches

When asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I promptly asked for old broken watches from the thrift store. Yup. 

I got my wish. :)

Why did I want busted watches, you ask? 
Because I was interested in harvesting the innards for some projects. :)
At first I was only going to do a post on the finished projects, but I quickly became enthralled with the tiny inner workings of these watches. So I am dedicating this post entirely to the dissecting process, and will hopefully come back later with gear-and-watch-face filled projects.

I started by opening up the newest of the watches, which was a Jaclyn Smith.   

Finding a screwdriver small enough was impossible. Even the babiest screwdriver seemed massive compared to the screws! Finally my brother had to sand down the tip of a screwdriver until it was practically a knife on the end. So thin! 

Then I moved on to the next newest watch, a Bulova.

This one was old enough that it didn't have any digital parts, that I could tell. The gears were so incredible looking when I popped the back off that I decided to leave it the way it was. I knew if I pulled it apart I'd never get the gears back together, and I loved the way it looked! 

And finally, my favorite. This old broken down beauty, an Ingersoll Junior pocket watch. 

 I can't really explain how fascinating it was to pull these apart and examine them. I'm excited to play around with the parts! We'll have to see what I come up with ... I'm thinking necklaces. :)


  1. these photographs are amazing! i love the pocket watch.

  2. Awesome. So glad you're back to blogging again because you do stuff like . . . this.

  3. Wow. I just got a new item on my bucket list: destroy a watch. That is SO. COOL.

  4. Just think where those watches have been. People used those to catch trains, and to go to Ladies Aid. Women used these to count seconds until their grandchildren came. Perhaps a few years later, one of those grandchildren fingered that same watch while waiting for a handsome somebody.

    You'll have pieces of families and gatherings and eternal elements of time - all in your hands and projects.

  5. These pictures are awesome! I'm curious about what you're gonna come up with to do with these interesting pieces :)

  6. Wow, I love this! You clever girl, can't wait to see what you come up with!


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