Nov 10, 2012


 Aaaand it's pomegranate season! Let my annual over-consumption of said deliciousness commence!

Ok, who am I kidding?
We're on our fifth one already.


  1. We bought a pomegranate last week! I think that part of it was overripe though. Do you know how to tell if they're ripe?

    1. We usually just kind of guess ... but generally I look for a big one that's fairly firm and a rich deep red color. Don't get one if it's squishy, brown, or bruised looking: overripe! And if it's kinda pink, then it's not ripe enough. :P

      Also, a pomegranate starts out round but as it reaches max juice content the sides kind of flatten out and it looks a bit more square, which is a good thing.

      Hope that helps and you find a good one! They're one of my favorites. :)

  2. Wow, it was so hard figuring out what it was without reading your text. But I love it, pomegranates are SO delicious!

  3. I've never felt more like an archaeologist than when I'm gasping over preserved, edible rubies never before delivered out of their fleshy wrappings.


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