Nov 11, 2012

Doodle de doo.

I think my brain has been unhappy with me lately. The left side has gotten all the attention, what with school and all, and my poor right side was feeling left out. 
Why do I think this?
Because when I sat down with a pen and paper a few days ago, the right side of my brain rather desperately abducted the left side and took over. And almost before I knew what was happening this had jumped onto my paper:

I guess my mind was more desperate for creativity than I thought ...

There's just something refreshing about a good long doodle session...


  1. Aaah, so pretty! Looks really cool!

  2. It takes a certain kind of mind to - when it is exhausted - make art, and then use the wind and the yard to make the art into more art. You seem to be on the verge of recovery.

  3. I miss you. Blog? Please. My happy face is sad.

  4. So pretty!


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