Jan 19, 2012

If Shakespeare had texting

You know how texts can only have 160 characters? Well ... that can lead to interesting and entertaining conversations. Especially if conversed with Miss Storyfingers. :)

(I edited our conversation a bit to streamline it and make it more readable for ya'll. However, I am leaving in all original typos and misspellings ... unfortunately.)

You know it just mrsterd {I assume she meant "occurred", and her phone intervened incorrectly ...} to me that we could write a greater magnitude of words if we used more diminutive ones. Aren't you glad we refrain?

Oh, absolutely. Diminutive words are detremental to our mental well being. Possitively revolting and disturbingly belittling as well. (spell check, I need you!)

Nonono "spell check, i find myself in dire straits and you willing assistance would be of invaluable worth."

Agreed. However, enscribing all that upon this wee screen would completely wreck and obliterate my painstakingly deliberate usage of presicely 160 characters...

Ahahahaha! Methinks it would be worth our while to record the telling of renowned legends for the dual purposes of bringing others joy and acquiring much dough.
[referencing a video I had sent to her]

I added some stylish but unnessisary punctuation to that last snippet of writing for the sole purpose of impressing myself by reaching the exact numeral of 160.


It is indeed unfortunate, my dear Shakespear, that I must tear myself from this most impressive conversation in order to impose upon my brain that of acadamia. 


Ahh, yes. We crack me up. :D

Oh, and may I call your attention to the fact that I used exactly 160 characters on EVERY text? Mmm-hmmm...

However, the impressiveness of that fact dims and I become quite perturbed when I notice the copious amounts of incorrectly spelled words.
Ah, well. Let's just say it makes the whole thing more entertaining and call it good, wot!


  1. I spelled all that wrong?


    At least I'm still your amusing friend.

    1. Actually, all of yours were just typos. I was the one who actually misspelled stuff. :P

    2. Didn't notice...sad to say. Ceptin for Shakespeare/Shakespear.


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