Dec 27, 2011

Dear Person: the things you see while out biking

Seen on a bike ride a few weeks ago:

Click photos for larger view

The next three were seen on an epic bike ride with my dad on Christmas Day.

I love bike rides. :)

I'm also lovin' this Dear Person thing. Not only because I love seeing epic things and being able to remember them, but because it's a bit of a challenge.
Because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be drawing cars or attempting to draw identical people otherwise. Oof. Twas difficult. Twas a challenge. Twas fun. :)
Oh, and I also discovered how much fun it is to write comic book style!

Have you seen anything epic lately??


  1. Have I seen anything epic? Hmmm. No. Not really. Thank you for immersing me in epicness. I am truly grateful.

  2. I saw that car the other day. It is pretty cool. I like your dear person letters, it is a good way of keeping track of the unique things you see.

  3. Twould make an awesome element of an art school application portfolio. :)


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