Dec 26, 2011


I'm from Minnesota. Which means every single Christmas that I have been alive for, in the whole history of ever, has been white. And when I say white, I don't mean just a snively little dusting of powdered sugar white. I mean the world is positively smothered in an avalanche of white.
A photo from last January. This is what winter is supposed to look like, folks:

But something odd happened this year.
The world is brown. And it's warm. 
Well, respectively speaking at least. 40 degrees to a Minnesotan in December is positively balmy.

So this week we decided it would be epic to play soccer on Christmas Eve! 
Outdoors. In Minnesota. No coat. Santa hat.
You have no idea how incredible this is. 
Unless you're from around here. :)

Soccer on Christmas Eve?

History has been made, people. 
History has been made.


  1. That is awesome! We went biking on Christmas day. Do we still live in MN? :)

  2. Haha, I'm from Texas, so we hardly ever get snow! :)

  3. I made history too. I sat outside. Barefoot. No jacket. No hat. No mittins. And soaked up sunshine. It. Was. Amazing.


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