May 16, 2011

An epic lawnmower

We just got an epic new lawnmower!
It doesn't have a motor, it's one of those lawnmowers that you just push and it makes the blades whir!

It works super good. And it's much quieter! Sure, it has a metallic whirring sound, but it doesn't roar like normal lawnmowers. Plus it's cheaper and more natural, as it doesn't use gas or oil. Epic much? :)

I'm kinda wondering why more people don't have these things? I guess it's cuz people don't really know about them. But now you guys know! :)

Hmmm ... I didn't really think I would get excited about a lawnmower. But I am! Weird.
You excited about anything weird lately?


  1. We had one of those for a long time, but then it broke on us and we got a gas powered lawnmower.

  2. If I ever have a yard, I really want to mow my lawn with one of those! As far as getting excited about weird stuff goes, I found an old camp oven that I am planning on revamping for some purpose other than camping. I was really excited to find it and some other junk in a trash pile behind my apartment building!

  3. Dibs mowing the lawn (*part* of the lawn) on Sunday!


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