Feb 19, 2011

Before & After: socks to fingerless mittens!

Last week was my friend Selah's birthday!
She has a cool sense of style, so I knew I had to make her something pretty sweet! ;)

I basically used this tutorial, but I did change it up a bit.  

First I cut the socks up into sections like this:

Then I cut down the side of each section so it became a long strip.

I then hemmed the piece that would become the top of the mitten, just cuz I didn't really want any raw edges.

Then I started sewing the pieces together! I sewed the long sides together, and I stitched them "ugly sides together". That way when I unfolded them, the stitching and edges would show on the outside, which I liked.
Also at this point I left a hole for the thumb.

After that I folded them inside out and sewed a long seam all along the side of the mitten. After turning it right side out, it was done!
(Sorry I don't have more pics of the process. If you're confused, check out the link. I did do it a bit differently, but you'll get the idea. :)

My friend Selah loved them! Here she is modeling them for me. :)

Enough pictures already! Yeah, I sortta took thirty some pics. I was having too much fun. :)


  1. Those are so cute! You're so creative- I couldn't think of something like that to save my life.

  2. Hi, Inna! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. You are really, REALLY creative!!! Those mittens are really cool! I love 'em! :)
    Have a great weekend!

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  3. Woot woot! Lovely gift! No wonder your mothe was jealous. You do spoil your friends! 'Specially me. And Selah. And probably everybody else too. *Sigh if delight*

  4. super cool, very shabby chic :)

  5. A great way to finally redeem those poor orphaned socks we all have lurking in our homes... : ) Very cute AND useful!
    Mrs. R


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