Nov 30, 2010

Epic typo!

I was just reading in a history book about Jan Hus, and I found a super epic typo!

"When he refused to renounce his books and errors, he was throne into prison."

A picture for proof:

Hehehe!! Ahhh! That's good. "Throne" into prison, eh?
Might as well say "he was the ornate seat a King or Queen sits on for formal occasions, usually placed on a raised dais in the throne room into prison."


  1. I love typos. They can be SO hilarious. But this one is brilliant! And the old adage, "Use Spell Check" would not have worked in this case.
    So are you going to become a proof reader? An editor?

  2. *Happy sigh* I love typos. I feel so smart sometimes. Here's what I found in my COLLEGE TEXTBOOK the other day..."Because Hinduism is able to absort [some aspect] of Buddhism."

    My reaction: "Uh..." *Mental alarms ringing* I read it again. And again. I began to grin, rub my hands, drool a bit (maybe not quite). Finally followed the exulting cry, "They printed a FRAGMENT!!!!!" Whereupon I rushed to (nearly) every member of the household and shared the exciting news! *I* want to be an editor!

  3. Hehe! That's great. I had to go around showing people the "throne" too! :)


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