Nov 6, 2010

Art Journal

Just as finding a good first blog post is difficult, making a good first page in a new art journal has a strange ammount of pressure. :)
I have been putting it off for a while now, hoping a good idea would come to me. And it did:

Look out art journal of mine! You're soon to be filled with randomness.
And look out blog! Cuz if I absolutely love any of my drawings or doodles, I'll probably post about them. :)


  1. *Throws chest out boldly*

    I be not afraid nor aprehensive! Let madness come and welcome! I greet such danger with open arms.

  2. Signed,


    That was the verification word(!).

  3. Fun! Is this the journal we got you?

  4. Yes, it is! Thank you again!! I've already done some cool stuff in it, so I think I'm gonna post some pics of it soon. :)

  5. Hehe! Storyfingers *ahem* Oupeer, that's great! Love your comments, as always!

  6. Hehe...indeed. S'good to know. If a little late. *Ahem* Mmm. Mm.


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