Jan 3, 2015

Dear Person binge!

Do you think that if I show you SIX dear person letters, you'll forget that I haven't blogged in forever?
Didn't think so.
But it was worth a shot. :)

Recently I decided I was taking my dear person letters too seriously. So I started just having fun with them again, and not caring if they aren't perfect. In fact, I started purposely doing different things to make them messier and freer! I'd give myself missions for most of the drawings, such as only using my left hand, in hopes of loosening up the drawings. It's been a blast! 

This first one was done mostly blind contour. I only cheated and looked at the page a few times. ;)

The next two were ones I had penciled in ages ago, but didn't get around to finishing until recently.
In the first one I had fun with thick and thin lines, and playing with using acrylic color in some places but leaving others white.

This one I finished with watercolor. As you can see, I played around with some messy lines and also decided to embrace the fact that her grin came out looking weird. :)

For this one, I gave myself permission to get really scribbly. And if I remember right, this was also a left-handed mission! 

This is one of my favorites. My fun/messy mission for this one was to use a colored pen instead of black, and to not lift the pen off the paper for the main drawing so that all the lines are connected. Again, I only cheated a few times. ;)

This one is probably one of my all time favorites. I had so much fun drawing all the details I remembered about her! 

Which one is your favorite? Do you ever have to remind yourself to have fun with your art and not get too serious?

P.S. Happy New Year!


  1. Colors and lines and challenges and leftiness. It's coo'.

    I made a story once, more than a page long in one sentence. Toughish. But fun.

    Mostly fun.

  2. This is so lovely! I honestly can't pick a favourite because I adore them all. Glad to have a new post from you :) <3

  3. These are all so creative and awesome! I especially loved the one with the little girl running hers stuffed dog and the one with the couple on the tandem bicycle. And the one with the lady with the dredlocks was really cool too... In fact, all of them were great! You have a lot of talent and creativity.

  4. They are all amazing, the overweight couple with the dogs was so funny! I love story board type journals, never kept one myself but love seeing them. Well done! Very inspirational!

  5. What a lovely idea! If I could draw as nicely as you, I'd steal it in a heartbeat. I hope you post more soon.

  6. Yes! More Dear Persons! Always so amusing and your art, as always, is so quirky and wonderful. I love the one of the kids boating in puddles!

  7. Hey,
    I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I love your writing and journaling.
    Is there a way I could contact you for featuring you on a new blog? an email?

  8. This is SUCH a lovely idea! You've totally inspired me to go off and do exactly the same, as strangers often stand up to my mind in one way or the other. You're a real artist... :-)


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