Sep 3, 2012



//Smearing my face in banana peel. It appears to be working.

//Realizing my mind was elsewhere only when I threw a dirty paper towel down the laundry chute...

//Movie night! Indonesian peanut sauce for supper, anime movie, laughing, good friends, goofy dog, discussing the sounds people make when they chew, random outbursts of cat poetry quoting. It was a good night. :)

//Starting up online college classes for the first time! I'm only on lecture two in my Western Civ. class, and my professor is already clearly enjoying grossing us out with stories about mummies. It's gonna be a good year ... 


//Standing outside in the rain with the sun shining hotly on my right cheek. Rain & sunshine at the same time? Magical.

//Getting my 100th follower! Dude like whoa.

//Practicing my 1940's hair and makeup for a '40's themed dance I'm going to this weekend! Can you believe it?? How special. 

Victory rolls, snood & red lipstick for the win, guys!
After I got it to this point I did some exuberant one person polka-ing in the backyard to see if my hairstyle would survive enthusiastic dancing. 
I dearly hope the neighbors weren't watching. O_o 

What's new with you?

Oh, P.S., I used this tutorial for the hair. :)


  1. Oh my! Love, love, love your hair! :D

  2. Hmm...I may have to give the banana-peel trick a try :)

    Woah, adorable hair style, looks totally 40s!

  3. So, you inspired me and I rubbed banana peel on my face this morning. If my husband thought I was nuts before, this may just be the thing that puts me in the "out of control" category. :)

  4. oooh, i've always wanted to do victory rolls. yours look lovely :) x

  5. Lately.

    Trying to catch breath that isn't there.
    Showing people pictures.
    Catching up.

  6. Where did you find the snood? I keep finding boring net ones, but that one's great!

    1. Thanks! I actually found it at a thrift store! It's really more of a modern slouchy knit cap/beret, but I decided to use it snood style instead. :)


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