Aug 21, 2012

Dear person: of toilet paper, helmets, stogies and redheads

Well, lookie here. I'm finally doing another Dear Person post! Almost forgot about 'em. Heh.

Life is just full of awesomeness when you keep your eyes open for it. These letters are a great way for me to remember some of the things I've seen! 

(I don't know why they're showing up a bit pixelated ... if you click them they will show up a lot better.)

Have you seen anything interesting lately?


  1. You're possibly THE cutest person I've ever ever ever encountered. I love this. <3

  2. I love this idea + all of these. they're perfect.

  3. That's a brill idea! I should definitely try to remember to do something like this!


  4. Hahaha! These posts are always my favorite :D
    Once I saw an old lady who was riding on a motor tricycle down the interstate with her husband. She was reading a book. I was most impressed.

  5. Dear persons who came to the bank just to chat with me today.

    I love you for that(!).

    Dear person who invented Bacon Bits,

    Remember the number of people who told you "you're brilliant!!"? Add one to that.

    Dear person who left a bunch of skips in the lawn last time you mowed,

    Thanks. The grass shines in the sunset better when it's long.

    Dear person who invented dear person posts,

    I'm addicted.

  6. Oh my, thuis post is amazing inna! Tour drawings are sooooo awesome! (ps i hate Autocorrect)

  7. so original and personal! ha. I love this.

  8. Oh these Dear Person posts are SO cute! Love the old man stogey one. :)

  9. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am greatly enjoying yours! Especially these letters! The old man one made me giggle!!!


  10. Someday maybe I'll have a son who looks like that lil redhead with the chocolate eyes. I hope and pray and cross my fingers and maybe I'll buy a red wig for my own lil cutie! ;)


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