Jun 21, 2012

Messy art journal

My art journal is not always very neat. 
In fact, sometimes I make it messy on purpose to give it a little interest. ;)

For example:
One night at 11:23 I texted my friend.
"Is it weird that I'm splatting water on my journal page to make the ink run? 
Cuz it's about thunder and rain. And the runny blue ink looks rainy. And cool. 
If a bit hard to read ..."

She wrote back:
"No. It's weird that you have energy to CARE about ... much of anything ... at this hour."

Whatever. I still think it looks cool. ;)

It would have been even cooler if I had gone outside and let actual rain splatter it ... but I just used plain ole tap water. 
Boring, right?

And my other recent messy page is titled "Beets". 
I got a job working in a sugar-beet field for a week ... and it was highly dirty.

So I smeared dirt on my journal page.
Yes, I did just do that. 

It adds authenticity. 

Ah, yes. Water and dirt. Not things you would normally think to put in your journal ... which is perhaps why I did it. 

Have you ever purposely messified your journal?


  1. That is too cool! I don't art journal, but this made me want to. :)

  2. I love it! I have a hard time doing an art journal because I'm the exact opposite - I feel like everything has to be perfect.

  3. Oooeeeh, I like it! It does make it interesting :)

  4. Ooh! So cool! And you're so not weird. I text my friend things like that all the time. Occasionally at 2 in the morning. :P


  5. Love it! Your art journal is always incredibly awesome.


  6. how fun and creative! it sounds so fun to mess up your journal on purpose.
    I love the beets page.

  7. I have a journal kinda like this. I like to call it my scrappy-journal, because I like to scrapbook in it. I do a lot of taping and coloring and cutting. It's a blast!


  8. I've never purposely messied something, but I started colouring a background on a painting with the water I washed my brushes in. Halfway through sopping it all over I realised it would probably soak through the back of the page. Oh well. It didn't, though.

    I really love your beets page. The dirt just makes it. :)

  9. No. I haven't ever messed up my journal on purpose.

    Yes. I love being the "friend" in your blog.

    Never knew how beautiful dirt is. Remind me, if I happen ever to forget.

  10. Perfect. :)
    Mrs. R

  11. I wish I had an excuse to keep an art journal, I used to have to for school and I loved it :) I should probably just do it anyway but I'm the kind of person who needs to be given regular assignments to actually do anything lol...

    I loved the way you smeared dirt on the page, in a very earth loving hippy kind of way :) remember, most paints are made of some kind of natural pigment!





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