Mar 27, 2012


Little gifts that have been making me happy lately:

Laying on the floor at my dance studio and feeling it throb with dancers' feet.

A row of newly washed Converse.

 Dirty toes and knees, signs of spring.

Spring green creeping over weeping willow tree.

Staying out til 12:30 with a group of friends.

Reading The Return of the King.

A Sunday nap.

Cheeks that lift softly so you know the person is smiling, even from behind.

Watching Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers and feeling all nostalgic, remembering watching them years ago at my grandparent's lake house. :)

These lyrics:

Hot knefla soup on a cold day.

Ballet lifts.

A stranger asking if me and my sis are twins. O_o
Ummm ...
We're 11 years apart.
Totally made my week. :D

Good hair days.

Trader Joe's gummy bears.

Reading through old journals.

Brown eyes.

Laughing so hard in ballet class I couldn't dance properly.

Waking up in the middle of the night to the CRACK! KABOOOMMM!!! of thunder. Panting, heart racing adrenaline. And then laughing out loud. :)
Goodness, I love thunder. Even when it skeers me half to death!

Rain clouds, layered shades of grey.
Flock of birds swoop black against rain-filled sky.

A robin's feathers ruffled.
Pine boughs lift and sway heavily.

A friend calling me her "little ladybug". :)

And this video.
Makes me ridiculously happy every time I watch it.

What about you? What's been making you happy lately?


  1. My toes are always dirty when it's springtime! And today someone thought that my brother and I were twins. But it wasn't so far-fetched, because we're only sixteen months apart.

  2. What's making me happy? Smelling the fresh spring air, walking in the fresh spring rain, getting a new haircut, getting good grades in school, learning a new piece on the piano...

    Oh yes, and this post made me happy. :)

  3. You make me happy. Every day.

  4. What a lovely comment above me! That is too cute! And I love this list you made, makes me happy as well :) I love the fact that spring is finally here, and enjoying every bit of sunny weather. Chilling outside, reading a book, sitting by the channel, first picnick of the year, ...

  5. Digging in the dirt and getting my garden ready makes me happy...and Trader Joe's gummy bears, too. :)


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