Feb 2, 2012

French Manicure cheat

I'm not a super girly girl, so I don't paint my nails much. But I do enjoy it once in a while. And this week was one of those whiles. :)

Colorful French Manicure cheat
(In this case, "cheat" = made easier)

1. Pull a rubber band over your nail as shown in the photos.
2. Paint with a colorful, erm ... color. 
3. Pull the rubber band away and hope it worked!
4. Touch up time! Fix any little problems with either extra nail polish, or a bit of nail polish remover on a q-tip.
5. Let dry.
6. Cover all with a clear coat!

The rubber band really helps this go waaay faster. It doesn't make it perfect; you still need to do touch ups. But hey. I've gotten the same results without a rubber band, and it was way harder and way slower.
So, rubber band = win!

Even after touch ups, they ain't perfect. But they're cute enough for me!
Perfect nails are overrated anyway. *wink*

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  1. I've always used tape but this is something I might try next time. Love the nail polish you picked.

  2. Great! Lovely color, so fresh! I usually do these kinds of patterns on my nails by using ordinary tape, but this is much smarter! Your attempt at speaking Dutch was a success by the way ;-)

  3. That is SOOOO not a French Manicure. I think it's more like a...um...well, I think it's an M-Anni-cure. Yes?

    Oh, and...Lime green is awesome. :D

  4. neat trick! love the lime green polish. green's my fav colour!

  5. that is awesome, seriously creative! :)
    I need to try that. :)

  6. That is genius! Thanks for the tip! :)



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