Jul 18, 2011

Newspaper Nails

 Some of my friends visited yesterday and showed me how to print newspaper on my nails!

1. Paint a base coat. I used clear nail polish, but you could paint them white or any bright or light color.
2. Once dry, wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol.
3. Quickly put a piece of newspaper on top of your nails and hold in place with a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton ball.
4. Peel away the newspaper.
5. Paint a clear coat over top.

Notes and tips:
-Have little bits of newspaper torn off before you start, it's easier to handle small pieces.
-You will probably get bits of printing on your fingers as well as your nails. Wait until your last clear coat is completely dry, and then you can just wash the ink off your fingers.
-You can try using big and small print. One of my friends put a giant question mark on her thumb nail, a large "RED" on one nail, "2011" on one, "left" on her right hand etc. Have fun finding things to print!
-Make sure you read what you print. One friend told me that when she had done this earlier, she accidentally printed a bad word on her big toenail. ;-P
-The words print backwards. If you think about it, rubber stamps are made backwards so when you stamp them they come out the right way. Newspapers are the opposite, but still look amazing. I actually kinda like the bit of mystery added when the words are backwards. :)

Btw, my three friends are sisters. You can see the oldest girls blog at http://www.thousandwords-storyfingers.blogspot.com/, which is ironic, cuz now she really does have "story fingers" :)

Have fun!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! That's sooo cool! I'm definitely going to do that next time I do my nails!

  2. This is SO creative and cool! I HAVE to try this! Thanks for sharing! :D

    ♥ Kailyn

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! I neeeeed to try this! :) Thank you so much!! xxx

  4. I really started something, didn't I? Creative pics, Inna. That's why I don't post pictures often, I don't take good pictures.

    My question mark chipped! :-\ Sad day. But Red is still intact, and so is 2011, or maybe I should write 1102.

  5. I love this - and I love your blog... "adorkable me..." thats great!!!!


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