Mar 2, 2011

Where art thou, dearest Spring?

 ^ art journal entry from yesterday.

I have decided that Minnesotans (self included) think that if they pretend Spring is here, it will automatically arrive.
Today I stood in a line of about a dozen people in front of the Dairy Queen, waiting for my turn at the little magic window from whence ice cream comes. The temp was four degrees Fahrenheit, wind-chill ... minus ten.
Everyone was shivering and forcing themselves to ignore the puffs of breath billowing out of their mouths. People in mittens, hats and coats, getting ice cream in a desperate attempt to show winter who's boss.
The lady in front of me wore a fancy tweed coat, large sparkly ring, and bejeweled sunglasses. Her daughter held a poodle in her arms. Passing the time in the cold, I listened to the lady talking to random people.
"We just got back from Mexico," she said once. And later, "Our puppy just got a haircut," as she turned to give the poodle a nuzzle, "aren't you such a good boy?" she said in pitiful baby talk. Finally it was her turn to order. I was right after her.
"One blizzard; no mocha chunks, extra brownie," the lady declared. "And one small vanilla doggy cup."
Doggy cup?
Did I hear correctly!?
"I can help who's next," the young lady behind the counter said. I stepped up.
"Two peanut buster parfaits," I said, the wind whipping away my puff of breath.
As I waited, I watched the lady with the dog. Soon their order came out the magic window. One blizzard [no mocha chunks, extra brownie]. And one. Doggy. Cup.
It was a little bowl of vanilla ice cream with a doggy biscuit on top!! Goodness. Who even knew they made those things?!
I was struggling not to laugh out of pure incredulity. :D
Finally the parfaits came, and I ran back through the cold and jumped into the delightfully warm car waiting for me.

Ahhh, spring. You are here whether you like it or not. The fact that it's four degrees out has nothing to do with it.


  1. A doggy cup? Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, that's more ironic then it is anything else :)

  2. Hahaha!! Awesome! Lets go there! :)

  3. No no no! You can't put it that way; "Spring, you are here whether you like it or not." You think spring doesn't want to come? Phooey! It's nasty winter, hanging on with claws that would nip Santa's own heart. (Not freeze, mind you.) Even Jack Frost - that jolly shiv'ring elf child she's enslaved - is anxious for spring.

    Doggy cup - sorry to say but I almost feel like gagging. I felt the same way looking through a catalog of doggy strollers, doggy seatbelts, and doggy steps. Walking your dog has taken on a whole new meaning this decade. Rediculous, really.


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