Oct 29, 2010

Things that make me smile + 3 Quick DIYs!

Things that make me smile:
1. Smiley toes. :)
Quick DIY: Use a sharpie to draw the faces, or any other fun designs!
2. Noticing that my air plant is getting orange tips in honor of autumn. :)
 3. Getting to wear my monster hoodie during ballet classes, because Halloween costumes were allowed this week. :)
 Quick DIY: Cut out circles and triangles out of felt. Glue 'em onto a hoodie with fabric glue as shown.
Ta-da! Easy peasy, lemon sqeezy!
 (Note: I didn't make this one up, I saw something like it online, and figured out how to make my own. :)
 4. The other day at ballet I wore a silly hat and my moustache necklace. All the little kids at dance kept asking me to put on the moustache, and then they'd start giggling. :)
Quick DIY:  Make a moustache shape out of clay. Poke two holes at the top before baking. Bake according to directions. Put two metal circles through the holes (Found at craft stores). Cut a piece of string or ribbon to the right length.Tie two clasps onto the ends. Ta-da!
(Oh, and I didn't make this one up either. Saw something like it, and decided to make me own!)


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